Path to Partner

The Path to Partner podcast series is an exclusive interview series where we interview some of legal leading lights.

The podcast reveals insights about the early, formative years of our guests and delves into a range of topics from business development to the best ways to stand out in an interview and how to be an invaluable member to your firm.

Episode 1: Interview with Ronald Shechtman

Pryor Cashman Managing Partner Ronald Shechtman gives an in-depth interview discussing a range of topics including Business Development, Interview tips, Industry Outlook as well as his keys to making it on the Path to Partner.

Episode 2: Interview with Allyson Avila

Gordon Rees Assistant Managing Partner Allyson Avila gives her take on the Path to Partner including the things she did well and what she would have done differently.

She also gives her take on what both lateral hires and those coming out of law school can do to boost their chances of landing a job in a highly competitive industry.

Episode 3: Interview with Misty Marris

Gordon and Rees Co-Managing Partner of the New York office and frequent media contributor Misty Marris gives an in-depth interview where she gives her advice for succeeding in the competitive law industry as well as touching on the #Metoo movement and giving invaluable advice for those looking for lateral and entry-level moves.

Episode 4: Interview with Keelin Kavanagh

Greenspoon Marder Managing Partner of the New York office Keelin Kavanagh gives an in-depth interview where she discusses a wide range of topics including how she rose to the level of Managing Partner, how her firm is playing a role in the Cannabis industry and what she looks for in Associates that she hires.

Episode 5: Interview with Carolyn D Richmond

Carolyn D Richmond, chair of Fox Rothschilds Hospitality Practice Group and former co-chair of the Labor and Employment Department gives an in-depth interview where she discusses business development and how a chance meeting at a fundraiser set her on the path to building a successful practice. She also discusses how the #metoo movement has influenced her practice and gives practical advice for lawyers looking to attract clients.

Episode 6: Interview with Seth Taube

Chair of the Securities and Shareholder Litigation Practice Group at Baker Botts, Seth Taube gives a revealing interview discussing the keys that helped him build his practice as well as best practices for being an invaluable asset to your practice group and clients.

Episode 7: Interview with Mark Dabertin

Troutman Pepper Standout Mark Dabertin reveals the techniques that have led to him building an extensive book of businesss and the best practices he’s using to navigate the challenges faced in 2020.

Episode 7: Interview with Mark Dabertin

by Colin Moses