The Corporate Law Talent Problem

Firms that operate in the corporate space face many problems when trying to recruit and retain A-Players for their teams. They don’t have the time to look for the right candidates when they are working on deals. They may not have a succession plan in place when a Partner plans to retire or a key Associate resigns. Or they may have a performance issue at a critical time and need to replace a top performer really fast to keep up momentum.
Do you struggle to attract Top Talent to your Corporate Law Team or can’t replace poor performers fast?
Can you get the A-Players you need during periods of high growth?
What’s your succession plan for the Partners and high performing Associates?
If you don’t have answers to any of these questions, you may need BC Resource Group’s Corporate Law Talent Acquisition System.
Corporate Law Firms have also been routinely disappointed with high fees and mediocre results from other recruiters who did not deliver against their promises. BC Resource Groups consultatiive approach to recruiting helps develop a meaningful Employee Value Proposition to attract only Top Talent with an affordable employment package that our clients can afford and our candidates desire. Next, we not only identify, recruit and place high-performing corporate lawyers, but we also help our clients retain them through BC Resource Group’s Retention Regime process with a 12-month guarantee.

Common Corporate Law Challenges

  • Their corporate law team goals are in jeopardy due to talent shortages
    Their Corporate Law HR teams are stretched spending too much time on unqualified resumes sapping patience, time and energy
  • Their recruiting costs are increasing which can significantly affect profitability particularly if the candidates they see are substandard.
  • The length of time it takes to fill critical positions is unacceptable
    By the time you are in a position to hire a corporate attorney, the candidate you want is either getting similar offers or has accepted one. While the search continues, team goals suffer and new business opportunities are missed and deals take longer to close
  • Having access to average quality corporate lawyers leads to bad hires which leads to attrition.
    New hires leave quickly, however, the problems caused linger long after the lawyer has gone.
  • The process for hiring corporate lawyers has no continuity
    You don’t have a system in place that can give you predictable results every time so every search is a shot in the dark

The Solution for New York Corporate Law Clients

A system that incorporates the latest digital inbound technology to attract the top 15% of Corporate Law talent in New York.

We are the only company in the US that has a 10 step process to seamlessly deliver the top 15% of NY Corporate Law Talent which means that you are hiring the best available in the timeliest manner.

The Corporate Lawyer Talent Acquisition System adds

  • Visibility
    Helps you increase visibility in the market to attract the top 15% of NY Corporate Law Talent.
  • Speed
    Fill your empty business-critical NY Corporate Law Roles more quickly leading to more efficient teams and increased deal flow.
  • Risk Reduction
    12 month guarantee greatly reduces risk of a bad corporate law hire leading to reduced attrition and increased profitability


Q. We have an internal recruitment / HR team, why would we need BC Resource Group?

A. Many of our larger customers have fantastic internal capabilities but are often surprised when we start to explore the gap between the candidates they can access versus the total talent pool in the given market. Generally speaking, internal talent acquisition departments have access to around 25%-30% of the available market meaning that there’s a significant void to fill. This is where the Corporate Lawyer Acquisition System comes in, our system accesses 97% of the market meaning that firms and organizations have a much wider choice of candidates.

Q. We already use a recruitment agency, what makes you so different?

A. In addition to our ability to reach 97% of the New York Corporate Law market, we employ our assessment process designed to make sure that the candidate is the right fit.

Q. What positions do you cover?

A. If you’re an New York Tri-state based law firm or organization hiring for Counsel positions we can assist you.

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