These  standard  Terms  and  Conditions  of  Business  are  deemed  to  be  accepted  between BC Resource Group  and  the  Client  (“Client”)  from  the  date  of  Introduction  of  a  Candidate.  The standard  terms  and  conditions  will  apply  to  all  Introductions  unless  alternative  conditions  are  agreed  in  writing.  This Agreement  is  governed  by  and  shall  be  construed  in  accordance  with  Delaware  law.  Each  of  the  parties  hereto  submits to  the  exclusive  jurisdiction  of  the  Delaware  courts  for  all  purposes  relating  to  this  Agreement. Definitions  and  Interpretations

  1. An  Introduction  is  defined  as  the  presentation  of  a  Candidate  to  any  employee  or  representative  of  the  Client howsoever  communicated  and  regardless  of  whether the  Candidate  may  have  been  previously  or  subsequently introduced  by  another  person.
  2. A  Candidate  is  as  an  individual  introduced  to  the  Client  by  BC Resource Group.  This  definition  includes  resulting  individual, multiple  individuals  and  team Introductions  arising  from  previous  Candidate  Introductions.  In  the  event  of  multiple hires,  a  fee  will  apply  to  each  and  every  individual  at  the  prevailing  rate  in accordance  with  the  fee  schedule  below.
  3. An  Appointment  is  defined  as  an  offer  of  employment  extended  by  the  Client  to  the  Candidate  and  the  Candidate accepting  the  offer  of  employment.  For  the purpose  of  this  agreement  “Employment”  includes  any  capacity  in  which the  Candidates  services  are  solicited  by  the  Client regardless  of  employment  type  or  duration including  but  not  limited to  the  following:  permanent,  temporary,  joint  venture,  contract,  independent  contractor,  self-employment,  work experience,  work  placement, internship,  paid,  unpaid,  full-time  or  part-time.
  4. A  Client  includes  all  parents,  subsidiaries,  affiliates,  joint-ventures  or  related  companies  of  the  party  executing  this agreement.
  5. The  Client  agrees  to  notify BC Resource Group immediately  that  an  Appointment  has  been  made  and  to  supply  copies  of  all documentation  of  an  offer  to  any Candidate  introduced  to  the  Client by BC Resource Group.
  6. Appointment  of  a  Candidate  within  a  period  of  18  months  following  the  initial  Introduction  or  any subsequent  reintroduction  will represent  an  Appointment  as governed  by  the  standard  Terms  and  Conditions  of  Business  as  set  out herein  and  will  require  payment  of a  fee.
  7. Appointment  of  a Candidate  arising  from a BC Resource Group  Introduction  of  a  Candidate  by  the  Client  through  a  third  party requires  the  Client  to  pay BC Resource Group the  full  fee.
  8. The  Client  is deemed  responsible  and  has  the  liability  to  ensure  and  substantiate  the  suitability  as  to  the  Candidate’s capability, qualification,  integrity,  medical history  and  eligibility and  to  obtain  a  work  permit  for  the  Candidate  if required. BC Resource Group  makes  no  representations  or warranties  concerning  the accuracy  of  information  supplied  by  the Candidate,  the  Candidate’s  suitability  for  a  particular  position  or  a  Candidate’s  ability  or  right  to work  in  the  United States.
  9. BC Resource Group can accept  no  liability  whatsoever  to  or  on  behalf  of  Clients,  their  servants  or  agents  for  any  loss,  damage,  costs or  expenses howsoever caused for  which  the  Client  may  become  liable  arising  out  of  or  in  connection  with  or  as  a  result of  Introduction  to  or  Appointment  by  the Client  of  a  Candidate, including, but  not  limited  to  those  arising  from  any acts  or  omissions  of  a  Candidate  while  in  the  service  of  the  Client.

Fees  And  Payment

  1. Fees  are  calculated  as  a  percentage  of  the  Candidate’s  total  compensation.  For  the  purpose  of  this  agreement “Compensation”  includes  remuneration  in  any  capacity  including  but  not  limited  to  the  following:  wages,  salary, commissions,  bonuses, bonus  buy-outs,  dividends,  profit  shares,  stock,  stock  options, stock  buy-outs.
  2. In  the  event  of  any  initial  compensation  being  for  a  period  of  less  than  12  months  fees  shall  be  calculated  on  a  prorata  basis  as  if  the  compensation  were  for  a period  of  12  months.
  3. BC Resource Group  fees  are  in  accordance  as  below:
    i)  A  minimum charge of $15,000 will apply to any Appointment where the total annual remuneration is less than $37,500 per  annum.
    ii)  Contingency  Appointment  40{31421d7255dccc397ccf2ea702babcb226ca17ddb81d0584807c6dad6e98af84} of  Candidate’s  first  year  compensation
    iii)  Retained  Appointment  40{31421d7255dccc397ccf2ea702babcb226ca17ddb81d0584807c6dad6e98af84}  of  Candidate’s  first  year  compensation
  4. The  status  of  an  Appointment  as  a  Contingency  or  Retained  Appointment  is  to  be  agreed  between  BC Resource Group and  the Client  before  the  Introduction occurs.
  5. For  a  Retained  Appointment  standard  terms  and  conditions  apply  as  stated,  with  exception  of  that  the  fee  is  payable in  three  installments  as  follows:
    i)  One  third of  total  fee  upon  acceptance  of  assignment.  (Non-refundable)
    ii)  One  third  of  total  fee  upon  presentation  of  a  short  list  of  Candidates.  (Non-refundable)
    iii)  The remaining  third  being  due  on  offer,  and  acceptance  of  the  Candidate.
  6. Appointment  of  a  Candidate  arising  from  the  distribution  and/or  referral  of  a  Candidate  introduced  by  BC Resource Group by  the Client  or  a  Client representative  or  employee  to  a  third  party  the  Client  is  liable  to  pay BC Resource Group  the  full  fee.  The  standard Terms  and  Conditions  of  Business  apply for  a period  of  18  months  following  Introduction  of  the  Candidate  appointed in  any  capacity,  whether  temporary,  permanent  or  self-employed,  the  Client  will  be liable  for an Introduction  fee  at  BC Resource Group’s  prevailing  rates  at  the  date  of  notification,  or  discovery  by BC Resource Group if  not  notified.
  7. All  invoices  are  payable  within  21  days  of  the  date  of  the  invoice.
  8. In  the  event  that  the  payment  is  not  made  within  the  21  days  the  Client  will  be  required  to pay  interest  on  the  amount due  under  the  invoice  at  the  current Federal  Reserve  base  rate  +  7{31421d7255dccc397ccf2ea702babcb226ca17ddb81d0584807c6dad6e98af84}  from  the  date  of  Appointment  until  payment  of  the Invoice,  without  concession.
  9. If  BC Resource Group incurs  any  legal  costs as  a  result  of  non-or  late  payment  of  invoice,  the  Client  will  become  liable  for  such costs.
  10. Any  expenses incurred  in  connection  with  an  assignment  or  an  Introduction,  including  and  not  limited  to Candidates’  or  consultants’  essential  travel,  is  agreed  at outset  or  only following  prior  notification.